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re: Wonder Woman Books_talking with Joe Campbell

Recently I heard from Joe Campbell, professor of English literature
at Casper College in Wyoming, who will be presenting a session at the
Childrens' Literature Association Annual Conference: Literary slipstreams
[June 14-16, Boston, MA] with a focus on the DC Wonder Woman books
for young readers [published by Harper Festival, 2004] which I worked on
with illustrator Ben Caldwell. In line with the conference theme, Joe is
interested in the way literature is transformed in different media, and
what we can learn from children through their responses and unique
interpretations of themes and genres. To learn more about the
conference, here’s the link: http://www.childlitassn.org [and try to go –
sounds like a great time! :-)] FYI: The Wonder Woman books are available at Amazon; Barnes & Noble, et al. If you purchase one or all, I’ll be happy to sign and return to sender. The titles are: I am Wonder Woman: The contest; The arrival; The rain forest [picture books]; and Amazon Princess; The journey begins [chapter books]. NJ.
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