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February 14, 2015

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A few days ago I was standing at Broadway at 112th St. getting ready to cross - snow, ice, notwithstanding. Turned to see a man holding baby in a snuggly - he is an acquaintance from the neighborhood - someone I often run into at the local deli, Samad's which happens to be owned and run by Lebanese Druze Americans - so I have the pleasure of hearing Arabic on a daily basis [did study the language - it's cousin to Hebrew, which I do speak, but hard! Many more verb forms - still I can say a few key greetings - "sabah al-kher" (good morning) - "min-fahdlahk" (please), "shukrahn" (thank you) and one children's song]. Waiting for the light to turn, I smiled at the baby - he was wearing cap with earlaps - looked to be about 8 months old - and dad said: "His name is Amir." Light turns green, we start to walk. "Amir, that's a great name." Dad continues: "Did you know that the English word: "admiral" is from the Arabic: "emir - ah-hal" [pardon transliteration, it's not perfect]. No, I didn't know. "Emir - means a leader." Now we are across the street - and dad [who by now had reminded me of his name - "Isam"] says: "There are many words in English that come from Arabic." "And in Spanish too." - We smile and wave - he to Samad's, Amir in tow, me to work - thinking about words and connections.

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