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The Golden Flower: A Taino Myth from Puerto Rico

Jaffe's syncopated prose invites children to enter the world of this joyful creation myth while imagining that they are gathered in a circle under on a tropical night listening to the words of a taíno storyteller.

"...The book is large enough to share with a group, and the words flow smoothly across the bottom of the pages without interrupting the illustrations. Sanchez's acrylic-and-gouache art creates a magically rendered indigenous setting with vibrant colors and angular designs. The characters' emotions are easily interpreted and contribute to the mood of the story. A worthy addition to any folktale collection."
-School Library Journal

Named an ALA Pura Belpré Award Honor Book, The Golden Flower is available for the first time in Spanish: La flor de oro: Un mito taíno de Puerto (translated by Gabriela Baeza).

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