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In the month of Kislev: A story for Hanukkah

"In a charming story from the oral tradition, a rich man begrudges three hungry children the good smells emanating from his kitchen window, and insists that they should pay for them. The kindly town rabbi comes up with a solution that is completely fair but that also teaches the miserly merchant a valuable lesson. The strong black lines of the woodcuts, combined with the colors of oil paint, give the illustrations the quality of stained glass."
-The Horn Book. PJ Library Selection.

Selected Works

picture book
"Mendel the peddler and his hard-working wife are so poor they can't buy a single potato for Hanukkah but, miraculously, their daughters fall asleep contented each night after smelling the delicious aroma of latkes...A winning tale, unusually well told and presented". (for purchase)
Folktale picture book
"Glowing colors, stylized figures... are the hallmarks of the eye-catching art, while the spare, clipped prose makes this a folktale beginning readers can tackle". - SLJ (for purchase)
"Children will enjoy the triumph of the outcast as well as the loving connections between the generations and between the stories." -Booklist (for purchase)
Folklore collection
Recounting ten myths about drums and drummers from around the globe, Jaffe shows readers both the universal power of drums and the richness of folk traditions. Patakín brings rhythm to life -- on the page! (for purchase)
Folktale anthology
" This fine collection of folktales underscoring differing cultural values and way of considering justice...seem particulary timely for families with school-age children". -New York Times Book Review (for purchase)